If you are experiencing difficulties in your life, sometimes therapy is not the answer, but rather an assessment. Psychological assessments are comprehensive evaluations that give you a plethora of information about a particular area of your life. For anyone who has seen those quick “IQ tests” online, consider assessments the real deal. Assessments by their very nature take time, but the time you spend with me answering questions, doing tasks, and understanding the results will provide you with a detailed understanding about yourself as well as personalized recommendations to help assist you in your life. Some examples of why you might seek out an assessment include wanting to establish your formal IQ score, needing academic accommodations such as more time during tests, pre-surgical evaluations before a life changing surgery, aptitude tests to help determine what career might be the best for you, or even a personality assessment to explore various aspects of your personality. For some, they are seeking assessments for their loved ones such as ADHD evaluations for children or dementia evaluations for their parents. No matter the question, concern, or issue, I am here to help you figure out not only what assessment will be the best for you, but also guide you step by step through the process. Below, please find some of the assessment areas I am able to provide.

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Evaluations
  • Learning Disability and Intellectual Functioning Evaluations (e.g., IQ testing)
  • Adult Autism Evaluations
  • Dementia and Competency Evaluations
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations
  • Security Clearance Evaluations
  • Pre-Bariatric Surgery Evaluations
  • Organ Transplant Surgery Evaluations
  • Diagnostic Evaluations










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